Life Coaching

You may be seeking to

  • Create A Vision
  • Discover Direction
  • Develop Focus
  • Increase Motivation
  • Improve Performance

A coaching program with me can help you to get the life that you want.

There is no set amount of sessions to work through. This is a program that is tailored to you. 

You may already know which area(s) of life you want to work on, and there may be barriers that you wish to overcome. 
Conversely, you might feel that you would like to take a whole fresh look at your whole lifes landscape in order to determine where to apply focus or change. 
We start from where you are at. 
And work on what you need. 

Along the way we will
  • Uncover your individual strengths 
  • Discover your development opportunities.
  • See yourself differently
  • Take ownership of your options
  • Define short and long-term goals
  • Assess areas for change
  • Increased creativity and flexibility
  • Better handle future challenging situations
  • Positive behaviour changes
  • Improved performance
  • Experience greater satisfaction
  • Goal attainment

Your success will emerge out of the highly confidential relationship between coach and coachee, using resources, and linking vision, goals, skills and actions with values and beliefs. 

If you would like to have a chat to see how comfortable you feel with me, and assess your confidence in my services as your coach, please feel free to book a 20 minute time that suits 


Session Fees:

Per Session £70 for 70 Minute Session

  • 6 Sessions £390
  • 8 sessions £490
  • 12 Sessions £740

To Book:

call or message: +44 7528 389848

Terms and Conditions:
Sessions are payable at the time of booking them and must be cancelled or changed within 36 hours, otherwise full payment is due.
Package Sessions to be taken within 12 months of purchase date and are not transferrable. 
If packages are paid for in advance by a third party, e.g. insurance company, no cash refund for unused sessions will be given. Refunds will be given to the original payee, on written request of it, and are subject to a 40% handling and admin charge.

How We May Work Together:

Sometimes, we find that someone's issues or situation aren't suitable for online therapy. We can discuss this and I can refer you to alternate support if that's more appropriate.

The best way to find out is to have a 20-minute chat on video or on the phone. 

If we do work together I'll send you an online agreement, with my privacy policy and tips for video sessions.

Payments are made at the time of booking a session and can be by online bank transfer, PayPal or paying through my online booking platform (link will be supplied). 


Please get in touch If

  • You would like to book a session,
  • You want to book a 15-minute pre-session chat,
  • You'd like to ask a question 

All enquiries are treated as confidential.


To Book:

call or message: +44 7528 389848
Office Location

Westdale La, Nottm. NG3 6
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